Disaster Relief Trials Southern California

8.10.24 // 8am - 6pm

North Park Mini Park: 3812 29th Street San Diego, Ca 92104

Free To Attend // $25 To Ride

Quick History of Disaster Relief Trials

The 2010 Haiti Earthquake devastated the capital Port au Prince, killed 300,000 people and left millions homeless and suffering. Aid efforts were severely restricted by traffic congestion and blocked, damaged roads. 

A Portland bike mechanic and adventure seeker named Mike Cobb took inspiration from the earthquake and other recent disasters and started Disaster Relief Trials in 2012. It was billed as “a disaster drill in the form of a cargo bike competition simulating a 4 day supply run. Your neighbors need help, do you have a cargo bike?” 

In the years since, DRT has spread to dozens of cities, building a community of thousands of situationally aware, trained, prepared citizens ready to deliver help when needed.

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